Monday, December 1, 2008

Super Short Up-Doable

Here's one I have had sitting in my 'hair folder' for a while....

This is by no means original. Everybody does what they call "puffy braids". And I'm sure this particular style has been done a gazillion times before, but here it is anyway. I tend to stick to the tried and true, more traditional styles. And things that will stay in ALL day. My kids play hard and I don't like them to walk in the door and look like I never did a thing to their hair before school. I don't even know what I call this. But this is something I can do on her super short hair that makes it look like she has longer hair than she does. She wasn't thrilled at first, as you can tell.

Start with damp hair. Part it down the middle (I part down one side on top, and down the middle on the back since she has no bangs.) Use butterfly clips to hold one side out of the way- that's the tricky part. Using a rat tail comb, section a little piece at the bottom and secure it with an elastic. Part another section above that (keep the hair above it out of the way with more butterfly clips.) and secure that. I did four sections on both sides (but it really works better with more, smaller sections since her hair is so short.) End each side with a flipped piggy/ messy bun on top. Put some bows in, and you're done! Super cute, even if unoriginal! ;)