Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Triple Twist Headband

Start by making a part from ear to ear. Pull the remaining hair into a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Then make you part down whichever side you normally part on. Next, make diagonal parts to divide each side into thirds. Secure them with clips to keep them separate.

French twist each section all the way down (to make a french twist, take a small piece near the front of the section, and divide it in two. Twist each strand one direction while twisting one section over the other in the OPPOSITE direction. Each time you cross one, add hair to it- but only take hair from one side- this will make it pop out.)

Bring all the twisted sections under the ponytail and tie them together with an elastic.

Curl the remaining hair. Depending on the type of curl I am going for, I use different methods. This time, I used a curl defining spray all over (by Bed Head) and WRAPPED the hair around the outside of a curling iron. Hold the end CAREFULLY so you don't burn yourself!

New Winner!

I randomly drew another winner for the Itty Bitty Clippies- #37
The Anderson's said...
I love your hair ideas. I found your
blog through Mindy's. I would love to learn how to french braid my daughter's
hair, any tips?? Please enter me in your #1 and #2 contests. Thanks so
September 25, 2008 9:10 PM

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Call

This is the last call for the Russells that won the Itty Bitty Clippies. If you still want them, shoot me an e-mail....otherwise, I'll have to give them to someone else. :(

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chain Link

I have always done clean, simple hair styles, so it is fun to branch out with new ideas. I do a lot of topsy tails and french braids. But I have seen some pretty intricate things from other bloggers. Here is one I tried on Hannah:

When I first saw this on another great blog (and now I can't find which one it was on...sorry) I fell in love with it. And since my middle daughter's hair is short, I always need hairstyles that just use the top of her hair. To do this, simply make three ponytails up front. Then (here comes the tricky part) section off your next three ponytails. Take the hair from the front right ponytail, and half the hair from the middle front ponytail and cross them over each other like you are going to do a half knot. Use little claw clips to secure them while you put them into ponytail on the second row. Do the same thing for the left side. and repeat it for the next row (did that make any sense?) It is probably better explained in the other blog. Maybe next time I'll take step by step pictures....we are usually in such a hurry in the mornings that it's all I can do to snap a picture before they leave for school. ;)

Another Giveaway...no,not me!

Devri over at Hair's Our Life is giving away some cute stuff. Her girls are gorgeous! It really makes me regret cutting Hailey's hair. Oh well...it will grow. If you stop by, mention that you saw it through my blog, and I could win something, too!

The Results are in!

I promise I used a random number generator, I just don't know how to make it look all official and post the actual results right here. The numbers were 11, 14, and 31. That means the winners are.....

For the Ribbon Scrunchie:

Danielle said...
Cute stuff, I just happen to stumble onto
your blog. I like the ribbon scrunchie. All of them are so festive and very
21, 2008 8:00 PM

The set of bows:

Dez said...
I love the second set of bows and the scrunchie. They're all so adorable!
September 22, 2008 4:38 AM

The Itty Bitty Clippies:

The Russells said...
I just found you through "Girly Do's" and you have some way cute stuff and ideas! I will definately be back...love the ITTY Bitty Clippies...though they are all darling!!
September 24, 2008 9:46 AM

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Keep coming back and I will do more giveaways. I really I wish I could give one to everyone! I was so happy with all the feedback, and I'm glad you like my bows. Everything I make is made last. The Itty Bitty Clippies are no-slip, and all the edges on all my clips are heat sealed and will never fray! If you would like to purchase any, including the Halloween ones, just drop me an e-mail by clicking on the link to the right. ->

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Itty Bitty French Braids

I was messing around with my littlest daughter's hair the other night. I hadn't realized she had enough hair to do a french braid. Here is my first attempt:

With her short hair up front, the topsy tail helps a lot.

I started with wet hair (I typically like to braid with dry hair) and put the topsy tail in. And I started the braids in the back rather than up front. When doing a topsy tail or tiny french braids, a rat-tail comb is a MUST!
The Itty Bitty Clippies are fun to add to the bottoms of braids....especially since I can never get ribbon tied right when they are wiggling.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Palm Trees

This is my fallback with my oldest daughter. She calls them palm trees. Although since we chopped her hair last spring (Huge mistake!) I haven't been able to do it the same. Usually I do two braids (Laura Ingalls braids as I call them) ending a little sooner than normal (Secure the ends with a small silicone elastic.) Then I take each braid, fold it in half, and secure it with a large ponytail holder. I use my flat iron to curl the ends over. This time, I used three braids on each side- it really helps cut down on the bulkiness of the braid since her hair is so thick. When it was long, it wasn't a problem. But I thought this turned out cute. I am glad her hair is finally getting long enough to do some of these 'old standbys'.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Diagonal French Braid

As you can see, this is not my best braid. Her hair is so thick and wavy, that I usually do at least two. But I love this.

I simply grabbed a pretty good-sized triangular piece of hair on the left side and started french braiding. Make sure you have the hair combed in the basic direction you want the braid going. I curled the ends (all going toward the front) and added the scrunchie. But a big flower or ribbon would be cute, too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Halloween Giveaway

I know it's not quite October, but I wanted to get these out to the winners in time for the celebrations. I have three different giveaways:

The first: A set of 6 Itty Bitty Clippies
Six adorable clippies (single-prong alligator clips) are perfect for your little one. Enough to do some really cute hairstyles for the spooky month.

The second: A set of Bows
Two darling bows attached to double-prong alligator clips to accessorize any Halloween outfit.

The third: A Ribbon Scrunchie
This is perfect for the older girl's hair. She'll love the touch it adds to her ponytails when you are in a hurry!

To enter, please leave a comment indicating which one (or ones) you want to be considered for. The winning entries will be drawn Saturday, September 27.

Top Flipped Loopies

A pretty basic, yet darling hairstyle:

I am trying to decide whether or not to grow out her bangs. In the meantime, I do a lot of hairstyles with a tiny pony up front to hold the bangs back. Make a square on the top of the head and put a tiny elastic around it. Divide the remaining hair down the center and do two top flipped loopies (Watch for videos on my sidebar of basic instructions for things I do frequently.) Add darling bows, and you're done!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lots of Piggies

I saw this on another blog and LOVE it! It is my absolute favorite hairstyle on my little one. It just fits her perfectly.

As you pull each piggy through, don't pull it all the way on the last twist of the elastic. If the hair is long enough, put it in with the next piggy. The last piggy gets flipped up instead of down (does that make sense?) and the ends curled. I love to add little bitty bows, I think it adds the final touch.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to my Hair Blog!!

I have people ask me to teach them how to do their girls' hair a lot. And while this blog is not the best way to teach, it can at least serve as a spring board for ideas. I have enjoyed reading other hair blogs and getting new ideas. And at times, it simply reminds me of a hairstyle I used to do, but forgot about. So here, I will post pictures of different hairstyles I do on my three girls.

I also love to make bows, headbands, scrunchies, and clippies. I love to do custom, made to match accessories. So if you are interested in purchasing any, just leave me a comment. Keep coming back, and from time to time I will do give-aways. :)

And if you live locally, I would love to do a hair party a your house. Just invite your friends and their daughters. granddaughters, nieces, cousins, etc. And we will have a great time doing hair together! You can learn a few tricks I have discovered, and I can teach you how to do waves and curls (even on near-impossible to curl hair), braids and twists, or ponytails and messy-buns. Really, the possibilities are endless! There would be no charge for the party, and I would have hair accessories available for purchase. As a hostess, you could earn free stuff!