Sunday, June 14, 2009

Curly Hair Do #1

My daughter had her little friend over one night and I couldn't resist playing with her hair. Normally, her hair is a much tighter curl, but she has been having it relaxed. While it makes it much more manageable, there are some styles I used to be able to do, that I no longer can. But hopefully, this (and the future posts) will help some of you out there working with curly hair.

I'll leave the cornrows to the pros. But for a darling, easy do, and to pull back the short hairs that she cut herself, I did five little Pixie Flips (topsy tails...I just like the sound of Pixie Flips!) The rest I left down and simple....for now.

Isn't she cute?!

I don't claim to be an expert by any means...but as with any curly hair (natural or otherwise) CONDITIONING is essential.

Stay tuned for more curly hair styles!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back in Action

I know, I can't believe I have been MIA so long. I really didn't intend to. Life just gets crazy sometimes. But summer is here now, and life becomes mine again.

We love swimming in the summer and go every chance we get. However, the hair in our house is pretty blond so we have to take extra precautions to keep it from being damaged over the summer.

If you or your children swim in chlorinated pools, here are some hair-saving tips to remember...
**Thoroughly WET and CONDITION the hair before swimming. Do not rinse it out. The conditioner helps seal the hair from the chlorine.

**Pull the hair up, away from the neck. The longer the hair stays in the water, the more damaged it becomes. A bun high on the head is perfect.
To hold the bun super tight on thick, wet hair use an elastic headband to secure the bun tightly. Fold it in half to ease the wrapping of the bun. It holds even in water!
**If the hair still turns green, reach no further than your fridge for the solution. Don't spend money on "clarifying" shampoos. Ketchup is far more effective, and less expensive. The acid in the tomatoes neutralizes the chlorine.

You'll have better results if you wash it while it's still wet from swimming. Put a generous amount of ketchup in the hair and massage it in. Leave it in for up to ten minutes (depending on how green the hair is.) Rinse and then wash with shampoo, like normal. Don't forget to condition the hair after the ketchup.
Happy Swimming!!