Saturday, January 24, 2009

Curl Tutorial

Here is a little tutorial for two types of curls- spiral and ringlet. I apologize for having to be the model and the daughter is less than thrilled to be the model as of late. So you are stuck with me! He he!

After you curl each section, you have a few options:

~You can spray it and leave it alone for separated curls

~You can finger through it and then spray it

~You can use a blow dryer on the low setting to separate the curls that way

~You can gently go through curls with a pick

But please, wahtever you do- don't use a brush!

If you want a little height on the top, use a root lifter while the hair is wet, along with the curl amplifier (the TIGI products I showed in the video.) Then after curling, you can careflully back-comb the crown to add height.

Also, I find that if I use too much product on curls, it actually weighs my hair down and is counter-productive. So just experiment and see what works for you! Also, when spraying curls USE AEROSOL- a pump hairspray is too wet. With that being said, Here is the finished do. These were the spiral curls, without any product...but it was a very humid/foggy day. They are usually much cuter. Had I realized how foggy it was, I would have used the handy-dandy product I recommended!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine's Heart

Edited to add: I just noticed there is almost the exact same style here. We must have been on the same wave length or something! Go check hers out, too! She is amazing!!

These pictures are from last year, so I don't have a step by step or tutorial. I'll put one up if anyone's interested.

Start by parting the hair down the side, only on the top. Now start the braid by FACING your daughter. Just take a tiny bit of hair for the start of the french braid. These braids were done only taking hair from one side of the they flipped inside-out. But you could do it the regular way, too. As you come to the front of the head, curve the braid around by taking larger sections towards the front half (does that make any sense? Kind of like rowing a boat...if you row harder with one oar, you will turn...) Then just continue the braid all the way to the back and secure it temporarily while you braid the other side the same way. Bring the two together and add a ribbon or bow (it covers up any funky bubbles you get when you add the two sections.) And by parting the hair on the side, you'll end up with a lop-sided heart....I like 'em that way! But if you prefer, you could do a center part. Either way, she'll be darling!
My younger daughter has very fine, thin anbd short hair...and it's still possible!

My older daughter..with her thicker hair you can see the parts a little better....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back on Board

I apologize to anyone who has been patiently waiting for a new post. The holidays are a fun, yet busy time at our house. So even though I had three models home for two weeks, that also meant I had six monkeys and a husband in the house all day. Good times, great back to bloggin'! I had a few requests for a french braid tutorial. And specifically for baby hair. So here ya go!