Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fishbone Braid Tutorial

I know most of you probably already know how to do a fishbone braid. But in case you don't, here is a tutorial. It helps to know it for the new hairstyle....


Mindy said...

I didn't know how to do a fishbone braid so THANK YOU!!
Now, can you help me think of a good enough bribe to get Lynn to let me do it? ;)

Anonymous said...

How do you keep hailey's hair so nice? Caitlyn's is so damaged. I read about the swimming thing, and I'll keep that in mind for next year, but how do i keep it so healthy?

hhowe said...

I am so glad your back. I love your hair helps. They are so helpful. Thank you for showing the fishtail. I need some quicker styles, because my little one is in school this year and sometimes there is no time. Love this

CAB said...

I need a LOT of practice!

What do you do w/really long hair as far as the messy braid goes? I had this giant "poof" after making a ponytail and then pulling it all the way through - it just looked weird. Thanks :)

W.F. said...

It is so nice to have the kiddies hair up or back and out of the way.

Stacy said...

Hey! I'm a new comer! (lol) I wondered if you would do another haircutting 101?

Gary said...

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Now on, I will be able to create such a pretty handcraft!
Thank you so much Six-Pack Momma!

Curtis and Deedra said...

I am a beginner at learning to do hair and I didn't know how to do this one, so thanks. I'll have to try it on my daughter.

Archie Pavia said...

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Paul Smith said...

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