Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chain Link

I have always done clean, simple hair styles, so it is fun to branch out with new ideas. I do a lot of topsy tails and french braids. But I have seen some pretty intricate things from other bloggers. Here is one I tried on Hannah:

When I first saw this on another great blog (and now I can't find which one it was on...sorry) I fell in love with it. And since my middle daughter's hair is short, I always need hairstyles that just use the top of her hair. To do this, simply make three ponytails up front. Then (here comes the tricky part) section off your next three ponytails. Take the hair from the front right ponytail, and half the hair from the middle front ponytail and cross them over each other like you are going to do a half knot. Use little claw clips to secure them while you put them into ponytail on the second row. Do the same thing for the left side. and repeat it for the next row (did that make any sense?) It is probably better explained in the other blog. Maybe next time I'll take step by step pictures....we are usually in such a hurry in the mornings that it's all I can do to snap a picture before they leave for school. ;)

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