Monday, October 13, 2008

Front French Braid

A truly simple staple at our house. This one is way fast I love it, so I do it A LOT! The best part is- the next day, you can just leave it in and put in some cute piggy tails, messy buns, or a ponytail!

I didn't even take the time to section off the hair (GASP!) I know, it is not in my nature. But the rest of the hair covers it up. I just did my best as I braided to keep somewhat of a line there. Start on the top of the head, right on her part. End the french braid about where a part would be onthe other side. Regular braid most of the way down and curl the ends.

Her hair is naturally wavy in some parts, and I can't just leave it down. So I curled it- this time with my flat iron (again- when the silly video on my camera starts working- I can do a clip.) Notice how the curl looks different than a curling iron curl.

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min said...

I need more practice! And some help ;) when are you available for par-tays?