Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Rick Rack" it is!

I loved everyone's suggestions for the name. It was hard to narrow it down. The one I chose was:

Robert and Hannah said...
This is way cool and looks easy to do. A great change on a regular braid! I would call it "the rick rack" because it looks like rick rack lace.
October 17, 2008 6:30 AM

She was the first to come up with 'rick rack' and I love that. It is easy to say and type for future posts. Hannah can choose whatever accessory she wants. But for the others that voted for the winning name, I have a prize for you, too! Just e-mail me your addresses, and I'll get those out to you!!!

P.S. I must clarify that I did not make this up. A lady showed it to me once. She came up with it by accident. I thought it was way too cool to keep to myself, and it needed a name for blogging purposes. I hope she doesn't mind! ;) Plus, I was looking for another excuse to give away something cute!


devri said...

Great name, and who cares who came up with it, it's all we do right when we design, "by accident"

Becki said...

Wow, the "Ric Rac" hair do is soooo cool! As soon as my dd gets home from school, I am playing hairdresser! lol How fun! Just found your blog, and adding it to my sidebar. I found some cute mini ric rac at Wal-Mart. I think I will do this hair do and tie it off with the ric rac. Wouldn't that be cute?? Thanks for sharing the braid!!

Becki said...

Oh, could you tell me how you did the little poofy do when you pulled back the hair on your hair do below?? It looks cute from what I can see in the picture. Please and thank you!!

MeGhAn said...

Okay so why cant i find this braid.. Did you delete the post??? My niece is over and i wanted to try it.. But it is gone

Sarah said...

'Rick Rack' is a perfect name! It totally looks like that. Brillant :)

I tried it right away from your video tutorial. I had to watch the video one more time and then had it!

Thanks for sharing how to do it. I absolutely love the effect!!