Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heidi Goes Tropical!

My 10 year thought of this all on her own and I think it is darling! It is a combo between the palm trees and the Heidi braids.

Start by making two piggy tails and braiding them into four. The middle two braids should be braided as far down as you can, but leave some hair loose on the bottom of the outside two.

Then take the outside two braids and loop into the ponytail holders.

Take the left inside braid and wrap it over the ponytail holder on the right.

Secure it under the elastic and use a claw clip if needed. If your daughter's hair is longer, you could wrap it all the way around the whole braid and back to the other. Just go as far as you can. You can use claw clips to attach it anywhere on the other braid to hold it. That is what we would do when we did the Heidi braids and her hair was longer.

Curl the ends of the palm trees or you can use some wax or pomade to make them spiky!

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Natalie said...

Sooo cute! as always!