Monday, October 13, 2008

Side by Side Inside-Out Braids

Here is the inside-out french braid on my middle daughter. I just parted her hair diagonally and sectioned off the top part of her hair. I use clips to hold the hair separated and braid it, only taking hair from the bottom. Add some curly bows, and there ya have it!


Rachael said...

That first picture, I think I have seen that face before! Oh yeah it's the same face as the last post, just different hair. I think Hannah and Tyler look a lot a like.

Hey there's a thought: you could do Tyler's hair one day and see if we can tell if it's Tyler. ;)

JAMIE said...

OK So...I have Jackie & Kassie's Sweet Do's and I would LOVE to know how you french braid your daughter's fine hair. I have tried my girls' and it always turns out sloppy. Any tips?


Heather H said...

Now that I am feeling better, I am getting back to reading blogs again and I just have to say this hair do is so super cute! I really do need to learn how to french braid. :)